I updated from 14.04 to 16.04 and used katoolin to add some Kali tools. After restart, the boot up of Linux ran codes, but stopped at a certain point never to load login. So I reinstalled 16.04, ran updates and tried again. This time, the boot menu was changed to Kali as well as the OS name (I'm using Windows 7 dual boot with Ubuntu); login started in Ubuntu style without user name, had to type in the name... then it goes to the logo screen never to log in.

How can I use katoolin without it affecting the boot menu interface? Does this happen when the user selects the option 'add Kali repositories and updates'? Are the Kali repositories necessary? I'd much rather just install the tools and not mess with the Ubuntu interface.


Warning about updates after installing Kali linux tools

The LionSec Katoolin GitHub webpage clearly warns Katoolin users to be careful when updating software.

Before updating your system, please remove all Kali-linux repositories to avoid any kind of problem.

enter image description here

All kinds of problems can occur if you don't do this.

Additional reference: How to install Kali linux tools in Ubuntu 15.10

Are the kali repositories necessary?

Katoolin is a script that makes it quick and easy to install may Kali linux tools at the same time, however adding Kali repositories is not always necessary. For example read this answer to a question about how to install only two Kali linux tools, which can also be easily installed without adding Kali repositories.

Adding only the Kali linux tools that you need manually is good training that teaches you how to use the other package management tools that are provided by the default Ubuntu repositories and which are safer than Katoolin because they don't add a long list of additional repositories to your software sources.

If you need to install a lot of Kali linux tools you should also consider installing Kali Linux itself, either as a dual boot or in a virtual machine. If you have done what looks like irreparable damage to your system with Katoolin, I recommend that you remove all the Kali linux repositories that you added from your software sources and with the help of the terminal history command remove all the packages that you installed with Katoolin, and start over again with vanilla Ubuntu. You should certainly try this before you give up and reinstall Ubuntu.

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