I have only ubuntu in my computer in 100 gb system part and i have a second part 650 gb and it is empty. Before when I was using windows 7, I was installing windows 8.1 to that empty space only by opening iso file and click setup in source folder. Is it possible to do it on ubuntu if I install an application for running .exe files or .iso files? For example if I install first a virtual windows by using vırtualbox, can I install the real windows system to my empty space by using my virtual windows. Thanks.

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You can mount an ISO file in Ubuntu by using this command in terminal:

sudo mount -o loop /location/of/iso/image.iso /media/iso

You can then access the files in the ISO like as if they were files in your filesystem.

In order to run .exe files, you need to install wine with:

sudo apt-get install wine

Wine will execute Windows executables within Ubuntu. But I wouldn't try installing an operating system if that's your intention.

To execute .exe files, you can run wine filename.exe in terminal, or right-click in a file manager and select "Open with Wine", or "Execute with Wine" from the menu.

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