I'm in charge of setting up a testing server in which all web applications should respond to a single domain, like this, for example:


What I want to do is to be able to pass the location of a different app and still be in the same domain, like so:




and I want to do it with Nginx, wich is the tool that I'm using. Problem is, I can only add them as diffent subdomains. I tried a few ways like putting all apps in one folder and trying to rename them all, with no luck. I have no idea how to achieve what I want and I already searched for weeks on end with nothing to help me achieve this. Some help would be greatly appreciated!

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Use can use the location tag for that. Edit your configuration file under /etc/nginx/sites-enabled, and add a location tag for each sub-site

server {
    location / {
        root /path/to/default;

    location /thisapp/ {
        root /path/to/thisapp;

    location /differentapp/ {
        root /path/to/differentapp;

You can read more in the nginx beginners guide

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