I "installed" FF52 esr this morning, in order to still be able to use java within the browser (see here).

Works fine; but FF uses an older version of Java; it tells me it is using Java 1.7.

But when I do a simply java -version command line, I am told that I have Java 1.8 there.

So how exactly do I control which Java version is "plugged in"?


Funny thing: I knew this procedure earlier on; but I thought at some point it would be no longer working. But it is still super simple:

  • stop firefox
  • cd into ~/.mozilla
  • mkdir plugins
  • cd plugins
  • ln -s /from/whatever/java/installation/lib/amd64/libnpjp2.so

That's it. You fire up firefox again; and that version of java should be used.

Nicely documented by Oracle, here or there.

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