I want to spin down some hard-disks when they are idle. So I used hdparm package. In the /etc/hdparm.conf I added following lines:

command_line {
hdparm -Ss 241 /dev/sda }

My intention was to spin down hard disk after 30 minutes of idle time. However, my problem is, how I know for sure whether hard disk has spun down (assuming that it had exceed idle time of 30 minutes)??

Any ideas? Tips?? :) :)


You can use hdparm -C /dev/sda. From man hdparm:

   -C     Check the current IDE power mode status, which will always be  one
          of  unknown  (drive  does  not  support this command), active/idle
          (normal operation), standby (low power mode, drive has spun down),
          or  sleeping  (lowest  power mode, drive is completely shut down).
          The -S, -y, -Y, and -Z options can be used to manipulate  the  IDE
          power modes.

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