I recently (as in within the hour) made one .rb file and one .html file. When I enter them into my Terminal they always return: "No Such File or Directory". It does not matter if the manner of input is as chmod +x rubyfile or ./htmlfile not even find rubyfileworks. I have looked for posted solutions but it seems everyone with this issue has been running a 32bit.exe file on a 64bit version of ubuntu. But I do not believe that to be the case being that I made these files in the TextEditor that comes with Ubuntu: "Gedit".

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    find rubyfile probably doesn't mean what you think it does: try find ~ -iname 'rubyfile' – steeldriver Mar 20 '17 at 0:15
  • Please try opening a terminal window, cd to the directory containing your files, and then run ls -a. Do you see your files listed in the output? – Nick Weinberg Mar 20 '17 at 1:15

Gedit ( at least on Ubuntu 16.04 ) has list of recent files in File menu

enter image description here

If you can open those files and click on Save as submenu you will be presented with File Selection dialog, which will allow you to figure out which directory and where those files are located.

As for the find command, steeldriver properly pointed out that you need to specify proper format:

find <directory> -iname "filename"

I would recommend you do the following. Let's say you have for example file called myruby.rb. Then you should be able to just run find "$HOME" -type f -iname "myruby.rb", but you can also just search for any file with.rbextension like so:find "$HOME" -type f -iname "*.rb". Note that adding -type f will allow you to look only for files and ignore other types (such as directories and symlinks).

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