I've just recently started using Ubuntu 16.4 LTS, converting from iOS. I had just downloaded a file and moved it from the downloads folder to the desktop. I was using the terminal to try to copy it to my /opt folder, but somehow, I copied my entire Desktop to the /opt folder. Now, I can't seem to get rid of the directory since I have insufficient permission. Can anyone help me with this problem? Thank you.


If you managed to copy a folder into a system directory, you should have enough rights to remove it from there.

You can use sudo which gives you root permissions.

e.g. the following command will remove the /opt/Desktop folder

sudo rm -rf /opt/Desktop

sudo - execute as super user

rm -rf - recursively remove all files of this folder and its sub-folders

Note: please be careful when running sudo rm -rf /folder as it will remove the content of this folder and all of its sub-folders

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    It worked; thank you for your help. Hopefully I'll get more familiar with the Ubuntu ecosystem soon. – Razorocean Mar 19 '17 at 15:01

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