I can't get my terminal (and python) to properly display some Unicode characters, mainly the new bitcoin symbol. The output is a box.

$ echo -e \\u20bf


My terminal settings are default Ubuntu GNOME 16.10, the system is updated. I also tried changing the font to Noto/Noto Sans, but the character in question is still missing.

EDIT: Looking for a font patch for new accepted Unicode symbols 'in the pipeline' - Proposed New Characters?


Same problem, and today this worked for me:

sudo apt install fonts-noto

Source: https://askubuntu.com/a/1111736/292470

As a side note: while researching this, I found a way to insert unicode characters in GUI applications as well: Ctrl+Shift+U, then 2 0 b f and Enter

Source: How can I type a Unicode character (for example, em-dash —?)

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