By default the ALT key shows the current application menu.

I know that in general to remap shortcut keys you go to SystemSettings->Keyboard->shortcuts but I can't find one for the menu bar reveal.

If I hold down the super key, I get a list of current keyboard shortcuts. Under "HUD and Menu Bar" it says: 'Alt (hold) Reveal the application menu'. This is the behaviour I wish to change.

  • How do you want its behavior to change? What do you want to do with it?
    – M. Becerra
    Mar 18, 2017 at 23:05
  • There is a feature in inkscape to allow selecting under the current object, which uses the alt key in combination with left mouse click. So actually I needed to remap the 'alt+left click' to allow the combination to pass to inkscape. CCSM let me modify that behaviour. Mar 21, 2017 at 19:06

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Use the CompizConfig Settings Manager (ccsm) and change the Unity plugin settings:

CompizConfig Settings Manager

To install: sudo apt-get install ccsm

  • @PhilipHoughton, if that answer works for you, consider accepting it, clicking on the v next to it, so others with a question similar to yours know this is a valid answer :)
    – M. Becerra
    Mar 21, 2017 at 19:16

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