I have Lubuntu 16.04.2. System boot from Internal HD. User name is 'ale' Everything looks great, so far.

I have connected an External HD named as 'Aquarius' When boot this EHD is mounted with 'root', since at File Properties at tab Permissions, it says Owner:root, Group: root

From terminal I run: sudo chmod -R 777 /mnt/Aquarius and then I run: sudo chown -R ale:ale /mnt/Aquarius but I got the message 'chown changing ownership operation not permitted'

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Some filesystems (e.g., FAT32) don't support per-file owners, groups, or permissions. You can only set permissions on them filesystem-wide, and you do so via a mount option: mount -o uid=123,gid=123,umask=0000 /dev/whatever /mnt/Aquarius

Source: man mount

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