I used once a programm called "movie splitter" or "movie splitzer". It was fantastic for split a movie in clips. Someone has it? Do you know how to get it? I couldn't find any similar program. Is there one? Thanks a lot


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What I shortlisted is complement or alternative that not found on:

What to use to quickly cut Audio/Video

To support Open Source culture, we should promote the best of Open Source of Video Editor such as Shotcut, Flowblade, Pitivi

However if the DAVINCI RESOLVE is really more users friendly and with equivalence feature, it is a good choice for those wanted to be hobbyist to amateurs, professional wannable etc

List of Free/Open Source Linux's Video Editor:

  2. Cinelerra
  3. Shotcut
  4. Lightworks Free
  5. ffDiaporama
  6. WeVideo (1GB Video)
  7. Flowblade

List of Commercial Linux's Video Editor:

  1. DAVINCI RESOLVE Studio 12.5, Free version (Subset) available
  2. Lightworks Pro

List of Alternative in 3D or Visual Effect software that should able to work with Video Editing (Open Source / Industry grade's Free version):

  1. Editing in NUKE STUDIO: Part 1
  2. Using Blender as Video Editing Software on Linux

Try PiTiVi a free opensource tool available in internet. With PiTiVi, you can trim, snap, split, and cut a clip, and then, you can export it to various formats. You can also merge the video with a different audio clip, a feature that can be useful for a lot of people who like remixing videos and uploading them.

In some linux distros it is available as a default application.


OpenShot video editor is one of the most used open source video editor.It is available in the software center. More info at http://www.openshot.org/

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