I just tried the #media-router method available online. No luck. Chromium is not able to find the cast device, at all. The TV and Chromecast 2 are ON and online. What to do ?

Also, is there any method other than using Chromium browser to work with 16.04 ? I have Chromecast 2nd Generation for media.

Just to add, my browser gets hanged and crashes at times when I try to connect to Chromecast.

Chromium version : 56.0.2924.76


Google removed casting feature from chromium. This used to be an extension for both Chrome and Chromium. But since they build cast function into Chrome, they stopped supporting the cast extension.

They wont build cast function into chromium as it is open source. Google is a terrible company. Stop using their products. Use Firefox

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    -1 Because I don't see how mentioning Firefox is relevant. – Tarrasch May 28 '17 at 16:14

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