I have 'PackardBell EasyNoteTV' laptop which overheats (over 95 degrees) when watching youtube video. I know about 'indicator-cpufreq' but it seems like the CPU fan doesn't run at it's highest possible speed. I don't know the exact speed it runs at, but when I go to BIOS setup it turns louder. I've tried to monitor the exact fan's speed with 'sensors' and 'pwmconfig', but it says: 'There are no pwm-capable sensor modules installed'.

How to force the fan to run at it's highest possible speed or how to monitor it's actual speed?


Have you tried the fancontrol package?

sudo apt-get install fancontrol

If you have multiple fans, you might need to figure this out using

sudo pwmconfig

Visit How to control fan speed? for more details.

  • From man page: "For easy configuration, there's a script named pwmconfig(8) which lets you interactively write your configuration file for fancontrol." pwmconfig was mentioned above. – beemaster Mar 22 '17 at 6:31

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