Everyday I install caffe, it works, then I restart my the system and I get the error :

ImportError: No module named caffe

So I fix it by

import sys


And everything works (only until I exit my ipython) no matter what my env variables are upto.

On checking my env variables CAFFE_ROOT & PYTHONPATH are always stuck to this directory: /home/shubham/Desktop/dir/vgg_face_caffe/ no matter how much I change them. Although python always seems to work even with the PYTHONPATH set to a directory where there is no python installation at all.

My questions are :

How do I fix up the caffe path so I don't get the import module error ? Why do the environment variables not making sense ? That is, how is python working with the wrong PYTHONPATH path and yet caffe doesn't work when I set the right path ? And why do they keep changing by itself ?

I am on ubuntu 16.04

Thank you for reading !

EDIT: just realized PYTHONPATH and CAFE_ROOT are always same as the directory in I am in. Still need help.

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Amazing! Couldn't figure it out for days but 20mins after posting here, my brain works.

My ~/.profile was a mess. the CAFFEROOT env variable was set to $(pwd) and hence PYTHONPATH to $(pwd)/python .

Also, this answer helped me figure out the mess about having to bash profiles.

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