I'm executing a python script as root with pkexec and I'm using working_dir = os.getenv('HOME') to get the username but it always returns root instead of test1 which is the current user. How can I get the user that ran pkexec instead?

I already tried print os.environ["SUDO_USER"] but that fails since it's not being executed directly with sudo. I am on trusty now but behaves the same in 16.04.

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    AFAIK the only environment variable inherited from the invoking user is PKEXEC_UID, so you'd need to find a (non evil) way to derive the home directory from that – steeldriver Mar 14 '17 at 2:05
  • Thanks, using print os.environ["PKEXEC_UID"] I managed to get the normal user's uid. I just need to get the name of the user from the uid and this should solve my problem which is less complicated – answerSeeker Mar 14 '17 at 2:07

I fixed it like this:

import pwd
import os

user = pwd.getpwuid(int(os.environ["PKEXEC_UID"])).pw_name
working_dir = '/home/{}'.format(user)

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