What is the default location for the Firefox or Chromium web browser to store data?

Also, where are the temporary data and cookies, along with user profiles, stored?

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  • but where are the cookies and all my data stored?
    – coder
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  • Even if web browser don't follow it nowadays, I think it's good to point out that the XDG Base Directory Specification should be the answer to this question.
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Chromium cache is kept under ~/.cache/chromium/Default/Cache.

Firefox cache is kept under ~/.mozilla/firefox/*.default/Cache.

You can navigate to those using Nautilus and selecting View > Show Hidden Files (or press Ctrl+H on a nautilus window).

The user's profile for Firefox is kept under ~/.mozilla/firefox/*.default/. It contains cache, addons, user settings, etc.

The user's profile for Chromium is kept under ~/.cache/chromium/Default, also contains all the files related to the user: cache, settings, addons, etc.

  • hm.. I have no Cache folder in there, but I know there is a cookie, and I want to modify it.
    – j0h
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I think this information about the location of cookies is out of date. In Ubuntu 16.04 using Mozilla 50.1.0 the cookies are not stored in -


In fact this Cache folder does not exist. The cookies are stored in an SQLite database file called cookies.sqlite. So the correct path name is -


Just to make it a bit more complicated you have to use an SQLite database browser to look at them. I hope this helps.

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Hi you can browse through your /home/$your-username folder, in mine I have it as /home/home

Generally speaking, people use ~/ as a shortcut for /home/$your-username

so for Mozilla it will be under ~/.mozilla.

for Chromium it will be under ~/.cache/chromium.

you can use nautilus file manager to browse through those directories.

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