I am using upstart feature of Ubuntu to restart my program whenever any machine gets rebooted under any circumstance. What I am seeing is sometimes machine gets rebooted but my progam doesn't get started up again and I have to login to the box and start manually.

start on runlevel [2345]
stop on runlevel [016]

chdir /nwotr

post-stop script
  sleep 30
end script

limit core unlimited unlimited
limit nofile 8092 8092
setuid golds
exec python executeproc.py

These boxes are VM's residing under a hypervisor. I am not sure whether there is anything I need to modify for runlevel to make this work?

Is there any settings which I can add by which upstart will start my process always whenever machine gets rebooted? I can reproduce this easily I guess so if there is any way by which we can debug this out, let me know as well.

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