I do not have access to Thesaurus in LibreOffice 5.3 I tried following the instructions at this AskUbuntu article but I do not have such a thing. I cannot install the openoffice link suggested below. It is not found

sudo apt-get install openoffice.org-thesaurus-en-us

I installed libreoffice using the ppa. This is what I see for my "writing aids" screenshot which is different than the other article. Clicking on get more dictionaries yields nothing.

writing aids from libreoffice

  • In 5.3 you do not have to install anything extra, it should be there. 1) When you right-click a word, do you not see a menu that has Synonyms at the bottom? 2) If not, is US English the language you are using? – Organic Marble Mar 9 '17 at 0:35
  • nope. I don't have that option. It is gray. Spell checker works. – Bhikkhu Subhuti Mar 9 '17 at 4:29

You probably still need to install the thesaurus as follows:

sudo apt-get install mythes-en-us

And don't forget to enable it under:

Tools > Options > Language Settings > Writing Aids

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