I have a little Bluetooth audio receiver, which I use to play music through my stereo. Every time I power it on, all audio automatically switchs to it, but ALSA seems not to "know" it, so volume keys keep corresponding to internal audio. It's not a major problem, I enter to audio settings, and select the correct device. (I filled a bug about this here)

I use PulseAudio volume control to select which apps play sounds through which audio output device (BT or Internal Audio). The point is that I have to configure it every time I power on the receiver. Is there a way to permanently set certain apps to play sounds via specific audio devices? For example: chromium-browser to internal audio, and banshee to BT?

Another quick question, is there a way to match volume keys to control the volume of the audio device that the focused app is playing sounds through?

Thanks a lot!


Bluetooth devices are recognized in PulseAudio as soon as they are present.

However connection needs to be made manually in audio settings. There is a GUI that allows one-click connection to BT devices (stream2ip).

This answer can show an example of python script that may be modified to suit your needs

thanks to Tkkat

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