I am working on some research related to FreeType2 Driver modules. I started my study by reading the Windows font Driver module (Because of its simplicity compared to TrueType and Type1). This Driver module works when a file with format .FNT or .FON is inputed from client application.

So, as a first step I want to install some windows font of extension .FNT or.FON. After searching for quite a long time I figured out that .FNT is not used any more in windows so I can't download it. .FON format is used in windows 10 its a raster type font. So I decided to copy this file (Fro windows fonts folder) to my /usr/share/FON/ directory. It copied successfully and its icon was like an executable file in Linux but when I used fontconfig for updating with fc-cache and than listing with fc-list I couldn't see that.

So, is there a way I can install them and test my Windows Driver module? I know how to install normal .ttf fonts and use them, I am asking about .FON, .FNT format of windows fonts.

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