I am using RabbitVCS on Nautilus/Ubuntu Gnome 16.10.

My external diff tool is set to point to Meld.

From the Context Menu, when I select View Diff against previous revision, I can see the text based diff.

However, when I select Compare with previous revision, RabbitVCS opens up meld with the message "Files are identical". Both panes display the latest version of the file.

The same holds good from the Show Log window: If I select two versions, Diff Versions works fine, but Compare Versions says "Files are Identical"

I tried the following:

  1. Uninstalling and resintalling Nautilus, RabbitVCS and Meld.
  2. For RabbitVCS, I had initially used a PPA, but then followed these instructions to install directly from the yakkety repository.
  3. Installed libsvn-java as per this link
  4. Created symlinks and downloaded the latest version of RabbitVCS.py as per this link
  5. Checked ~/.config/rabbitvcs/RabbitVCS.log. No errors.
  6. Ran svn upgrade and rebooted.
  7. Changed the external diff tool from Meld to gedit just to check if the problem is with meld. But gedit gave the same results - identical files.

RabbitVCS: Default from Yakkety, 0.16.0
Ubuntu: 16.10
Nautilus: GNOME nautilus 3.20.3

Any help would be appreciated. Is it time to stop using Rabbit....? I hope not.


That's because a bug was introduced in rabbitvcs-core version 0.16-1.1, which is the version in the ubuntu repo for 16.10/yakkety. the bug causes the "compare to previous revision" action to always export the head revision instead of the desired revisions.

Someone wrote a fix that hasn't been accepted yet: here.

One easy solution is just to downgrade rabbitvcs-core to 0.16-1 which works fine and is available in the ubuntu repo for 16.04/xenial. don't forget to mark the package as held afterwards so software updater doesn't upgrade over it.

sudo apt-add-repository "deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial universe"
sudo apt install rabbitvcs-core=0.16-1
sudo apt-mark hold rabbitvcs-core

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