I have a command letsencrypt which I use in the terminal.

I tried to find the binary via grep -R "letsencrypt" /. Not a good idea, some sort of loop was invoked.

Is there a simple command to see what the command letsencrypt actually invokes for binary?

  • Maybe worth noting that executables (ie whatever is found in the PATH by running a command like letsencrypt or found by which letsencrypt) may be scripts (or symlinks, or symlinks to scripts) too, not necessarily binary files
    – Zanna
    Mar 4 '17 at 18:07

You can use which letsencrypt or type letsencrypt.


You can locate programs, scripts and symbolic links, that are in $PATH (and executed without the total or relative path) with the following command line

which program-name   # general
which letsencrypt    # your example

If letsencrypt is a script, you can view it with a text viewer, for example less or your favorite editor.

less /path-found-by-which/letsencrypt

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