I've recently moved to Ubuntu 11.10 (64bit, Unity) and encounter the following problem - at some point (it's hard to tell exactly, but it seems to happen after a couple switches between workspaces, but might as well be something else) hotkeys (like Ctrl + smth) stop working. I can clearly tell it happens in eclipse, but other apps might have the same problem. After some time they start working normally (after switching windows/workspaces may be).

It's not fatal, but really annoying. Is there some way to fix it?
I've looked at this question with similar problem, but answers doesn't seem to provide universal solution.


Seems like I've figured it out - looks like the problem was caused by having non-english keyboard layout enabled (wonder how I missed that out in the first place).

So solution (for Eclipse) is to go to Window->Preferences->General->Keys and add mappings for other layout that is used (this might look a little bit confusing, since different letters might look the same in different languages (like Russian В and English B)).

p.s. What's interesting is that Chromium for example doesn't have this problem - might have already enabled mappings for different languages or just handles keys differently.

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