I'm quite the noob to Ubuntu and I tried it a long time ago and had this problem, and after reinstalling today i'm still having it. I duel boot alongside Windows 10 which runs perfect, but on Ubuntu it's absolute trash. I can't watch a youtube video without freezing and lagging, and even the menu for lubuntu lags. Yes, obviously I updated my Nvidia drivers in the additional drivers so please do not suggest that. Can anyone possibly give me some help? Thank you!


Ubuntu 16.04

Memory: 24 GB

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700 CP

Graphics: NVidia GeForce GTX 745

OS Type: 64-bit

  • Is there a probe that can be ran ? ... Anyone ? – Scott Stensland Mar 4 '17 at 7:31
  • In a terminal issue ... dmesg ... look for clues – Scott Stensland Mar 4 '17 at 7:33

NVIDIA has always been problematic. I understand that, you have already updated the drivers, but here is another process of doing it:

  1. Open Terminal and type sudo apt-add-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install nvidia-current nvidia-settings
  2. Go to Additional Drivers as you did before
  3. Choose the latest driver (Open Source) and restart
  4. It worked on 14.04, hope it works
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