I constantly switch between Windows and Ubuntu and I usually add comments and/or bookmarks in my PDF documents. Now I'm using Adobe PDF and Okular, but the bookmarks, comments and highlighting are not compatible at all, so I only can use them in one of them, having to change the system everytime I need to add something when I'm in Ubuntu.

Okular apparently is in Windows too, but I haven't seen anything more than a mention in the official page. Some ideas? Thank you so much.


You could use Master PDF Editor, or FoxitReader to do this. The first, will grant to you more functionalities, like objects manipulation, similar to PhantomPDF from Foxit.


Our software PDF Studio works on Linux, Windows and Mac and is compatible with Adobe PDF specs on all platforms so you can switch back and forth between OSes.



If you want to stay with FLOSS Software on Linux. Okular annotations are compatible with Adobe, when correctly used.

You have to use File → Save to save it over the current file or File → Save As... to save it to a new file in order to save annotations in Okular.


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