I know how to download the result of one search query but is it possible to download results of more than 1 search queries at once? I was thinking pasting the urls separated by commas.


You can use xargs to do this. It takes arguments from standard input and adds them to a command. The commands can also be executed in parallel.

Here is an example:

echo -n "link1,link2" | xargs -d ',' -n 1 -P 10 youtube-dl

This would be roughly equivalent to:

youtube-dl link1 &
youtube-dl link2 &

Parameters used:

-d changes the delimiter for the arguments
-n sets the number of arguments to be used for each command
-P sets the maximum number of parallel processes


youtube-dl accepts multiple URL's as input, so yes you can download multiple videos with one command: youtube-dl url1 url2 url3.

However, if you have a lot of urls, consider putting them in a file, each URL on it's own line, and tell youtube-dl to load the URL's from that file: youtube-dl -a my_url_file.txt, or the more verbose version: youtube-dl --batch-file my_url_file.txt.

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