I regularly modify jpg images using GIMP (currently in version 2.8). However, the thumbnail in Nautilus (currently in version 3.14.3) does not change/update after the modification. I find this highly unusual and annoying as there are many files to be changed and it is hard to quickly tell which ones I have done and which one I have not. Of course, I can use the date field instead but the behaviour continues to be annoying.

I am very aware of some workarounds. That is, I can delete the .cache/thumbnails as one of the solutions provided here: Refresh thumbnails in nautilus but it would be much better for this to be done automatically so I do not have to waste time later every time I open any other folder and all the thumbnails are generated again. Note that the solution in the same page suggesting to use touch * or touch filename.jpg does not work.

Anyone knows what is causing this or how to fix it?

[I have two computers, one running 16.04 and the other running 16.10, the behaviour is the same on both.]

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