If I'm writing a message in Thunderbird, I can attach my public key by simply selecting Enigmail | Attach my public key. (Rather than using the regular file attachment button to attach my public key file as I would any other file.)

How do I do this in Evolution?

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Evolution does not have a feature for quickly attaching the public key like this. Instead, attaching a public-key is like attaching normal file.

You'll need to locate the public-key in your folder, and attach it to the mail.

Adding Attachments in Evolution

Attaching files

To attach a file to your email in the composer:

  1. Click Add Attachment…, or click Insert ▸ Attachment, or press Ctrl+M.

  2. Select the file you want to attach.

  3. Click OK.

  • You can also drag a file to the attachment bar of the composer window.

When you send the message, a copy of the attached file goes with it.


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