I've been a happy Kubuntu user for a month ago, with no problems until now. I run four operating systems (Windows 10, Kubuntu, Ubuntu Mate and Apricity OS) on one machine, which was working perfectly yesterday. Today I noticed that GRUB was slow to load.

I chose Kubuntu, and it started booting, but there was an error message on the screen which disappeared after a few seconds. Then the Kubuntu screen appeared for much longer than usual. Finally, I had the lock screen in front of me, but it didn´t let me enter my password for several minutes. After that, Kubuntu loaded in a minute, while it normally takes a few seconds.

Everything seemed OK. Skype, as always, started up. I always close it as soon as it opens, so I right clicked the skype icon in the taskbar, and attemped to close it. But everything was frozen. After a minute, it unfroze, but some seconds later, it froze again.

I decided to reboot the computer and take pictures of everything.

The error message I get when I select Kubuntu:

After the reboot, Kubuntu was freezing again. So I rebooted one more time; And now I got more error messages, but this time, before even the GRUB screen appeared:

It says:

error: attempt to read or write outside of disk "hd0"

After that, Grub opened, but this time the interface was bigger for some reason, and there were less operating systems there.

How can I fix it?

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