I have Ubuntu 16.10 with abiword (3.0) installed. It seems to have a global default spell check language of UK English (keeps trying to correct "behavior" to "behaviour"). How do I switch this to US English? None of the info for this on the abiword website seems applicable.

  • I neither use abiword or have it installed, but reading the man page (man abiword) shows that there is a "profile" in XDG_CONFIG_HOME/abiword/profile. Check there – waltinator Feb 28 '17 at 14:31
  • I found this profile but it has nothing about default language. I tried man abiword and learned that abiword uses enchant. I tried man enchant, and it mentioned a file called enchant.ordering, but this file seems to be for specifying where to find the dictionary for a given language. So what I still need is a way to specify the default spellcheck language. – user1951615 Feb 28 '17 at 19:13

This worked for me: Open a new document, change the language in the spell check to the preferred one: Tools -> set language

Save this document as a template called "normal.awt" in /home/yourname /.config/abiword/templates/ thereafter every new document will open in your preferred language.

Greetings from Sweden

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