I know that one can switch to the next/previous Terminator tab with Ctrl+Page Down/Ctrl+Page Up.

Suppose, however, that I have more than 2 tabs.

I often find myself, for long stretches of time, switching back and forth between the same two tabs.

I can use Ctrl+Page Down/Ctrl+Page Up for this, but it requires me to traverse tabs I'm not interested in at the moment, or, if the two tabs I'm interested in are adjacent, to think about whether I want to use Ctrl+Page Down or Ctrl+Page Up.

Therefore, I'm looking for a keyboard shortcut that means "go to the tab that was active before the current one was activated".

If no such shortcut exists, is there a way to implement it?


(I'm using terminator 0.97 on Debian Jessie derived Bunsen Linux)

My default terminator defines Ctrl+Tab as 'Focus the next terminal' (cycle-next) which seems to cycle through all the split terminals.

Shift+Ctrl+Tab shows as 'Focus the previous terminal' (cycle-prev)

Will that do what you want ?

(incidently, none of my key combinations with Page Up/Page Down does anything...)

  • It looks like what you have for Ctrl+Tab (resp. Shift+Ctrl+Tab) is equivalent to what I have for Ctrl+PageDown (resp. Ctrl+PageUp). So, in answer to your question: no, this will not do what I want.
    – kjo
    Mar 11 '17 at 13:37

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