How can I found out the actual disk usage?

I mean which applications are using my hard disk? Also I would like to see the percentage of the "occupation" of the HDD.

It seems to me a basic question, so it may be a duplicate. However I wasn't able to find it out in Ask Ubuntu or in Google. (Maybe I use wrong terminology.)

Thank you. :)


In addition to @Yaron's answer, you should also have a look at iotop. It will show you which process does read/write operations to your disk. sudo iotop and then press O and you will see that useful information.


df - report file system disk space usage


df -h 

-h - human read-able

du - estimate file space usage

du -h /path_name

-h - human read-able


This Command is only report file system disk space usage

du -shx * | sort -rh | head -10

But this will show top ten . Try it..

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