This is a new install of 16.10, a couple of weeks old. I can play DVDs using VLC, but not in Totem. When I start playback, I get the following error:

** Message: Missing plugin: gstreamer|1.0|totem|DVD source|urisource-dvd (DVD source)
** Message: Automatic missing codec installation not supported (helper script missing)

(totem:24090): Totem-WARNING **: Failed to reset the playback rate to 1.0

I do have the totem-plugins package, and totem-plugins-extra installed. In the plugin list, I see nothing about codecs.

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Install ubuntu-restricted-extras

Open terminal and type in these two commands one by one: sudo apt update sudo apt install ubuntu-restricted-extras

It is a meta-package that installs:
Support for MP3 and unencrypted DVD playback
Microsoft TrueType core fonts
Flash plugin codecs for common audio and video files

  • Yay for misleading warning messages. I thought the installer had already installed enough of this non-free stuff for me, but clearly not. Feb 25, 2017 at 23:11
  • Does not help in Ubuntu 20.04
    – cweiske
    Aug 8 at 7:28

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