I was on google looking at phones the other night, I closed the windows and my laptop's lid then went to bed. When I got back today at about 4 pm the guest account was open and many windows such as firefox, a spreadsheet (blank), Ubuntu software center, and the settings for the appearance. Prior to this I was logged into my account and had never even opened the guest account. No one in my house has been on my computer. Fearing the worst I started Dban but I am wondering what happened.

Update: I have reinstalled Ubuntu on it and I closed the laptop lid for about an hour WHILE I WAS IN THE ROOM. No one else entered and now Rhythmbox, Videos, Firefox, computer information libreoffice and my file manager have been opened. Additionally 4 untitled folders have been created on my desktop. I am very concerned now as this is after Dban and I haven't connected to wifi!

Update: All this is happening within a guest session


You are not hacked based on the information in your question and comments dialog.

  • It only happens when you close the lid: This indicates some correlations to closing some interference or keys being stuck when closing the lid as a trigger.

  • Guest account access: I don't think it's possible for remote access to create a Guest account login.

  • GUI Access: If someone really had access to hack into your system, it's almost totally unlikely they would do it via a Guest GUI that you could watch. They would do it through some more covert method. If they needed GUI, they would send it to their screen, not to yours.

  • Criterion for Remote Desktop: Based on your description of this happening on a brand new default installation, the Remove Desktop wouldn't be activated by default. You would have to manually activate it.

  • Public IP access: Even if you activated the remote desktop feature, since most networks have a router for networking, a person couldn't connect to your remote desktop port without a manual port forwarding configuration of your router.

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