I am creating package with debuild -S. Then I upload with dput ppa:user/ppaname packagename_source.changes.

My package is correctly builded and published. But, only deb files for trusty are created. Well, my computer is still trusty but I would like to publish packages also for xenial and newer systems. Ideally, I would like that my ppa includes packages for trusty and xenial. How can I make this?


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Copy the source to another directory and edit the debian/changelog file in your source and replace trusty with xenial in the first line.

Also note that Launchpad will not accept packages with identical versions even if they are intended for different releases.

So replace the version there too, e.g. append ~xenial to it. It does not really matter what you append there, but you must change it somehow.

It will look this way:

libbiddy1 (1.6-1~xenial) xenial; urgency=medium

Then do debuild -S again and upload.


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