Installed Rubyripper 0.6.2 and Lame 64 bit v3.99.5 on Ubuntu 16.04. Configured lame codec using default entry in Rubyripper preferences (-V 3 --id3v2-only).

It starts off OK, then crashes out after trial2. End of log file is:

Starting to rip track 1, trial #1 (71 seconds)
Starting to rip track 1, trial #2 (71 seconds)
Analyzing files for mismatching chunks (0 second(s))
Every chunk matched 2 times :)
MD5 sum: e3a5baf7600c3d4469ec8c96b3ee4b2c

If I enable other codecs it produces the output file for that codec OK then crashes out before creating the MP3.

I'm sure this is a configuration issue, perhaps something needs to be installed that I haven't? Anybody had this problem & resolved it?


Rubyripper is long dead & wasn't developed past ruby-1.9.1, 16.04 is on 2.3.x

I'd find something else like asunder or abcde but that being said, to fix mp3 do this

sudo apt install ruby2.3-dev

When that completes run this command

sudo gem install iconv

Then open rr again & it should be able to do mp3 encoding, tested here & does work.

  • Need to update to Ruby 2.5.x (dev), so instead use: sudo apt install ruby-dev – david6 May 18 '19 at 22:02

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