I have a shell script that for some reason Ubuntu Mate decided is an audio file. I know how to set the default application to open files of that type, and I have it set to my editor.

However, I would like to know how to change the type Caja recognizes the file as having. For example, under properties the type is listed as "Amiga SoundTracker audio (audio/x-mod)". I would like that changed to "plain text document (text/plain)" or something along those lines.

This would allow me to not set the default application for all files of the audio type as a text editor, and it would get rid of an annoying play icon when the mouse goes over the file icon.


I had the same problem after installing ProjectLibre on Ubuntu 16.04. The default file association for mpp files was Videos. The immediate solution was to use the Nautilus file explorer, right click on an mpp file, select Properties, then use the Open With tab to choose ProjectLibre as the default application for opening this file type.

But even after doing that, the system still showed mpp files as being Videos. To remove the mpp extension from that mime type, I had to edit the mime database:

  1. in terminal, go to /usr/share/mime
  2. grep <i>extension</i> *
  3. the above command will show you which xml file(s) includes the extension in a mime type
  4. edit the xml file with sudo and your editor of choice, search for the extension, and remove that line which will look like
    • <glob pattern="*.mpp"/>
  5. you can then add that pattern to another mime type if you want to... in my case for mpp files, I removed the mpp pattern from the Videos type listed in freedesktop.org.xml, and added it to the application/x-projectlibre type listed in projectlibre.xml
  6. sudo update-mime-database /usr/share/mime

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