The error message is:

Could not complete Activation because the License File could not be written to disk.

You might not have write permission on the License File or the folder. /usr/local/MATLAB/R2016a/licenses/trial_0_R2016a.lic
See your System Administrator for assistance. The specific error message text is: /usr/local/MATLAB/R2016a/licenses/trial_0_R2016a.lic (No such file or directory).

I installed MatLab using the following command from terminal:

$ sudo R2016a_glnxa64/install Matlab 

GUI opens and the installation is successful.
Then using the following command:

$ sudo cp -av libcufft.so.7.5.18 libmwservices.so /opt/matlab/R2016a/bin/glnxa64/ 

I'm getting an error as no such dir exist.
Then using:

$ sudo cp -av libcufft.so.7.5.18 libmwservices.so 

process completed!
Then using:

$ sudo /opt/matlab/R2016a/bin/matlab 

GUI opening, specifying the path to license.dat file, then next and the pop up appears with the said error.

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    you may need to use sudo for the script or package you are trying to install. Is it a .deb?
    – Samuel
    Feb 21, 2017 at 18:12

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This error indicates that you do not have permission to write to the licenses folder.

First change to the directory with the activation client. cd /usr/local/bin/glnxa64 Then run the activation as follows: sudo -E ./activate_matlab.sh



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