I am using volumes that are mounted at different path locations at each boot.

I would like to create symbolic links on the volumes that link to other folders within the same volumes, without them breaking if the volume is mounted to a different path.

Is it possible to create a symbolic link to a directory, but using path related to existing path instead of full path, ex: ../../myFolderHere instead of having to use /home/someFolder1/someFolder2/myFolderHere ?


Sure, the syntax is:

ln -s ../../origFolder/Filename newSymLink

If you want to ensure that the link is relative use ln -sr

man ln

-r, --relative - create symbolic links relative to link location
-s, --symbolic - make symbolic links instead of hard links

From /home/someFolder1/someFolder2/someFolder3/someFolder4, you can do:

ln -s ../../myFolderHere .

And have it work as you expect.

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