can anybody tell me how to install new fonts in LibreOffice snap? Is there any font manager for this?

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You must copy your fonts into ~/.fonts folder, then in terminal type

sudo fc-cache -fv

Go to the ~/snap/libreoffice/current/ path and make a link to ~/.fonts folder by the command below:

ln -s {source-filename} {symbolic-filename}

i.e. here in particular

ln -s ~/.fonts .fonts

Close LibreOffice, if it is open.

Open Terminal - hold "Ctrl", "Alt" and press "T" - then enter:

sudo fc-cache -fv

Change your "working" directory - that is, where you are in Terminal - to that of LibreOffice:

cd ~/snap/libreoffice/current

Create a symbolic link ("shortcut") to your font folder:

ln -s /home/your-ubuntu-username/.local/share/fonts

Then run this command:

ln -s ~/.fonts .fonts

This should work (it did for me just then!) and I've tried to make it as easy to follow as possible - but you don't feel comfortable using Terminal commands, you can always switch to the "regular" version of LibreOffice...

Open Ubuntu Software and search for "libreoffice" - remove the one that has references to "snap" or "snapcraft.io" when you click on it (i.e. on the page that has the picture, description, etc...) - it should have these references under the "Details" section towards the bottom.

Hit the "back" arrow and install the "regular" version of the LibreOffice programs you need to use - these should not contain any references to "snap" or "snapcraft.io" under the "Details" section at the bottom.

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