I have a file in a .directory (so I can only see it through the terminal) and I have a file on the desktop with the same name.

How do I replace the file in the directory with the one on the desktop?

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    You can view hidden directories via file manager as well. Just press ctrl+h in file manager window Feb 21, 2017 at 0:06

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1. The console way:

If you want to move/copy from .directory to the Desktop:

mv /path/to/.directory/filename ~/Desktop
cp /path/to/.directory/filename ~/Desktop

Alternatively, if you want to move/copy from the Desktop into .directory:

mv ~/Desktop/filename /path/to/.directory
cp ~/Desktop/filename /path/to/.directory

The difference between mv and cp is:

mv will move a file (the file at origin gets destroyed).

cp will copy a file (you get to keep the file at origin).

2. The GUI way:

Open your file manager and activate Show hidden files (Ctrl+H on PcManFM and many others). You can then navigate any hidden directories and drag and drop your file to its intended destination.

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    And he could use cp/mv -iv, interactive: prompt before overwrite, and verbose: explain what is being done. Dec 1, 2021 at 1:53

In Nautilus (Files) in the View menu, click Show Hidden Files, or press Ctrl+H. Then you can use the file manager, if you are not comfortable with the command line.

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