just wanted to check if I 'm missing out something here. Been trying to upgrade my (factory installed) ubuntu 14.04LTS to 16LTS for a couple of days now. When I use the live-CD (usb stick actually) it just boots into a black screen. When I have the package manager upgrade it seems to work but I can't get past the login screen, the GUI never loads. When I manually try to force the upgrade I get tons of dependancy errors (most notabilt IMO about PPP).

(was forced to use the 'return to factory state' actually. So I am upgrading from a fresh install).

Should I be doing something special since dell is special or am I just plain stupid? Appreciate your help before my head hits the desk :)

grtx chris


After a failed upgrade through package manager, a 16.04.2 install from a usb stick just formatting Ubuntu partition mounted on / worked for me. Previously, in UEFI I disabled fast boot, secure boot and Compatibility Support Module (CSM). I don't really know if these changes are needed.


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