"Sorry, an error occured and it was not possible to install the bootloader at the specified location" After I bought I brand new 1tb HHD to install Ubuntu on. Any ideas? (Dual booting with Windows 10)


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This issue has brought misery and woe to many, myself included. The causes and solutions seem to vary slightly. The solution I found is not quite ideal but it ended up working.

In my case, I was able to find success after using boot-repair to try to install the bootloader again. I ran boot-repair in the non-UEFI Ubuntu from the LiveUSB instead of from the UEFI version. I have a feeling similar success is possible after making an EFI partition but I was a little wary after I ran into a lot of trouble in this adventure. At one point my computer kept freezing at the BIOS splash screen. I think it was because Windows tries to "repair" the LiveUSB disk which puts it in a state that my EFI/BIOS had trouble with.

My Windows 10 is on a dynamic disk and I learned that the bootloader wasn't going to be able to be installed there. However, boot-repair was able to install it onto the disk that Ubuntu is on, which is what I was trying to do with the installer both when it first asked about the disks and later in that error window.

With this setup, I have to select the disk I installed Ubuntu on in the BIOS menu when the computer starts up. Grub shows up when I select the disk with Ubuntu and I'm able to boot into the OS, however I'm not able to get into Windows from any of the two selections it shows. Instead, I have to use the BIOS menu to select the disk that has Windows. This works alright, but I might try the UEFI boot solution when I'm feeling adventurous again.

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