I already tried Azendale's answer to Whats the simplest way to edit and add files to “/var/www”? question, unsuccessfully...

I want to work with Symfony and downloaded symfony.phar. The file is now in my /Download and I want to add it to my /var/www/html folder. Yet, it seems not to be possible... as when I drag from the one side and drop it on the other side, it just come back to the first side. Therefore, how to drag and drop files in my web file /var/www ?

I thought it maybe was because I downloaded lampp and let it run evrytime I starrt my computer ?

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Make sure /var/www is writeable, for the user you have opened your X session with.

Alternatively, open a terminal, try to copy your data using cp -rp ~/Downloads/xx /var/www. Maybe you'll have some error message showing.

To ensure your user may write to /var/www, use:

sudo chown myuser /var/www

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