I need a global solution for paste as plain text function in my Ubuntu 16.10 system.

I know CopyQ has this ability but I want to use a clipboard manager which is FOSS and which can be installed from Ubuntu repositories. I prefer not to use a third party .deb file for a clipboard manager.

Could you please tell me which clipboard manager supports this function and how it is used?

For example, can I paste as plain text using Clipit? Can I define an "action" for that? If yes, how, please?

  • I've a clipboard manager project ( originally written for this askubuntu.com/a/882821/295286 ) which allows for simple text manipulations and writing out text to a file, which goes there as plain text. The project is FOSS , under MIT license. Since you mentioned you don't want third party deb , I'll assume you also don't want to add a third party PPA, so probably I won't post this as answer, but feel free to check out the project's GitHub page, source code is available there. Let me know what you think. Feb 18 '17 at 15:25
  • @Serg : This sounds quite interesting. I will be watching your project. Thank you for letting me know.
    – Ert
    Feb 19 '17 at 11:48

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