I was trying to learn some of the function letters in 7zip. But i got stuck at 'u' (update) function letter which tells about updation in an archived file. It only updates about the content of file but if i delete some of my sub-directories and files it does not update the archived file. Can anyone tell why is this happening or do anyone have any offcial documentation of update function letter in 7zip. please let me know.


I am attaching here a screenshot which shows my directory structure.

Directory Structure

Now, in this whenever i modify some content in a file and run the 'update' command then it updates the archived file accordingly. But if i delete some of the files and subdirectories (let say, i deleted file1 and dir5) , then it does not update the archived file.

FYI, I always run the following command in the dir1 directory.

$ 7z u dir1.7z

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