I am new to the Linux world and have been trying to install Ubuntu on my Lenovo PC for the past day, but have not been able to install it successfully.

Background: The Lenovo PC came with Win 7, however, I recently upgraded it to Win 10 and now wish to partition it to dual boot to Ubuntu. I have a live USB flash drive with Ubuntu and able to boot into Ubuntu on start-up, but fails to install correctly because of an "unusable space" message.

Unusable Space Image

I had followed a YouTube video and performed the step of segmenting some of the space (20GB) in my C: drive before installing Ubuntu via Windows Disk Management. However, this space has become unusable somehow.

I read on another blog that Windows allows for only 4 partitions on the disk, and apart from C: and E: that I already know of, there are 2 more hidden partitions which Windows creates. I have transferred all my drive E: contents and transferred it to C: with an intention to delete E:, but Windows does not seem to provide an option to delete this drive. I have also downloaded some external tools to achieve this, but even while using them, I do not see an option to delete this particular drive (in my case E:).

I am very confused on which of these partitions to delete (and how) and merge with C: so that I can get some room and flexibility to install Ubuntu?

Am I right in understanding there should be no more than 3 partitions on disk before I install Ubuntu? Link: Lenovo Forums

Which of the partitions in Windows can I safely delete using Disk Management before I proceed to install Ubuntu? (as I still want to preserve Windows as well) Kindly advise. My disk partition currently looks like this (I have merged the 20 GB partition initially created for running Ubuntu):

Current Disk Partitioning

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    MBR is limited to 4 primary partitions. That's why it's unusable. – user589808 Feb 17 '17 at 7:53
  • The only partition you can safely delete is recovery (but then you won't be able to use Windows recovery tolls). Even so it's not enough space to install Ubuntu. You may want to shrink C: as well. – user589808 Feb 17 '17 at 7:57
  • @CelticWarrior Thank you so much for your kind response. Please advise which one of the 4 disk partitions I should delete to proceed with my setup. Not (C:) of course. It does not allow me to delete (E:) giving me no option to do so. There seem to be 2 hidden partitions (as shown in the second link), but I am not sure which one to delete. – turnip424 Feb 17 '17 at 7:57
  • Thanks @CelticWarrior. I will try deleting the recovery partition. But will it still allow me to boot into Windows? Yes, I plan to shrink (C:) and create an empty space to install Ubuntu. Why am I not allowed to delete (E:) though? – turnip424 Feb 17 '17 at 8:01
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    Possible duplicate of creating swap partition, convert primary partitions to logical if you disregard the part about swap space. – David Foerster Feb 17 '17 at 8:53

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