How do I get in to my Temp Internet files?

In running Ubuntu 11.10 on an HP Laptop I normally use Chromium but still have Fire Fox installed


Chromium is kept under ~/.cache/chromium/Default/Cache.

Firefox is kept under ~/.mozilla/firefox/*.default/Cache.

You can navigate to those using Nautilus and selecting View > Show Hidden Files (or press crtl+h on a Nautilus window).

For Ubuntu 11: Make sure to be in the "Home" folder first then continue with the above folder navigation.

  • This answer is apparently no longer correct at least for Firefox 63.0 on Ubuntu 18.10; there's no Cache folder at the described location. ~/.cache/mozilla/firefox/*.default/cache2/entries/ appears to be the correct location. – Patrick Dark Nov 13 '18 at 10:42

To mark a file or directory as hidden on Linux/Unix, make sure its name begins with a "dot."

cd ~
mkdir .hidden_directory

Knowing this, open a shell.

ls -a

See the ~/.cache and ~/.mozilla directories?

cd .cache

Two caches... one for Chrome/Chromium and one for Mozilla Firefox. The Firefox cache is ~/.mozilla/firefox/$random_profile_id.default/Cache You could also do this with a graphical file manager, but tell it to show hidden files.


In Ubuntu 18.04.2, Chromium cache is located here:


Opera Cache:


In Firefox, if you choose to "open file with" when you download (for example, a .deb package). The file gets stored in: /tmp/mozilla_YourUsername0/

And following the example of choosing to open a .deb package with 'software installer' it appears the file also gets copied to /tmp/gnome-software-*/

command for searching:

$ find /directory/to/search -name yourFileName.extension

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