I have a wifi security camera that writes to an FTP server located on a 16.04 LTS system. I create the user in Ubuntu and that automatically creates a home folder. When I create the user in the ftp server, it assigns a folder in the home folder for accepting the video files automatically triggered by the cameras motion sensing. All that works.

However, in order to see and/ or delete the video files I need to be logged on under the camera's user name. I would like view and delete access when logged in under my primary name. I tried running chmod 777 * from the folder holding the files but that killed everyone’s access to the folder, including the camera. I could not correct so deleted the user in Ubuntu and recreated so I'm now back at the same state in the paragraph above.

Any suggestions on this? I also want to create an auto run type script to delete files after X days so am concerned how the user rights will affect that.

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I had no responses so I'm wondering if this is a dead forum. Is there a better place to post questions?

I did find something that worked by using groups. see the link

how to give read, write and modify access to folders and files in my home directory mutually to other users on same computer?

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