The only thing I don't like about the default greeter is that the input box with user list etc. is aligned to the left. I want to have it centered. The only ways to customize unity-greeter I found only changed font, logo and background.

I don't see .ui file and people say that this greeter is 'hardcoded'. So, I've downloaded sources from launchpad, but what I found was only a bunch of vala files, no markup or anything related to positioning/aligning, but adding some classes some to elements. No idea how it all works.

What I want is to customize it to look something like


I just need to center those ui elements. Is it even possible?


You can use apt-get source unity-greeter to get the source files. The lines you are looking for are in /usr/sbin/greeter-list.vala, especially around ~line 100 might be interesting to you. We used this once to make the box bigger, as we needed a string to be fully shown on account expiry.

Compilation is possible with sudo debuild -i -us -uc

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